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What is KuCoin Exchange?

If you have ever had the chance to ever take part in a cryptocurrency investment, then there is probability that you know what KuCoin is?

KuCoin is gradually becoming one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The KuCoin company has claimed that 1 in every 4 crypto traders have traded coins using their services. KuCoin established its very own trading bot in the earlier part of 2021. With any new development, took time for KuCoin to launch the trading bot but recently they launchd three of the primitive features that the trading bot has. They have promised that there is more to come! The few rudimentary features of the KuCoin trading bot are: Classic Grid, Futures Grid, DCA, Margin Grid, Infinity Grid, and Dynamic Rebalancing.

The trading bot supports every cryptocurrency coin that the KuCoin exchange trades in adding upto to almost 100 cryptocoins. The KuCoin trading bot is made in a way that it is simpl to use, so beginners will never have to worry about investing too much time into learning it’s complications.It is important to know that the KuCoin trading bot is only a fledgling, and came recently into being. So since it is still undergoing development, and always updating there are many new features that are constantly being added to it.

The KuCoin trading is currently free to use and there are no costs involved! The only charges investors have to pay are the ones being charged by the KuCoin crypto exchange market only.

This is not an unusual thing because the company gets their share of profits. The trading bot is restricted to KuCoin only and it does not support any other cryptocurrency exchanges. Unlike many of the other trading bots in the market, the KuCoin trading bot does not rely on the mass-use but relies heavily on customizability. The features of the KuCoin trading bot are rigid and not prone to fine tuning. As long as you are not a crypto investor based in the U.S. you will find the KuCoin trading bot very helpful. Lets get to the the KuCoin exchange is:

SingUp for KuCoin



What is the KuCoin Exchange?

The KuCoin exchange is also known as “The People’s Exchange”. The name proves that the KuCoin exchange gives the investors an amazing range of trading pairs as well many other crypto-related services. The KuCoin crypto exchange was founded by Michael Gan and Eric Don in the year 2017. They are Seychelle based. These two founding members are well-experienced in the world of business and even have previous experience where they had many successful projects. Some of these projects are; Ant Financial and iBox PAY. The main objective of the development of KuCoin is to provide a safe and user-friendly platform for all the crypto investors out in the world who want to trade digital coins. The KuCoin exchange currently has more than 200 cryptocurrencies and 400 markets as well!

KuCoin has its own cryptocurrency KuCoin Shares (KSC). If you own some KSC coins and even get an impressive discount on trading fees and earn more crypto coins! The KuCoin trading bot is a new venture, and it is easily available to every investor out there for downloading and installing and then simply launching it. You can start investing using their mobile app right away!  It is known that the trading bot is very recently developed, and it has primitive features but they do not charge their users for it!

The KuCoin cryptocurrency peaked in the year 2018 its value being $1.8 billion! The KuCoin is an amazing crypto exchange having impressively high liquidity with over 6 million users, their big collection of supported assets, fiats, and services. Stay assured that even if you are just starting in crypto currency you will not come across any problems using the KuCoin Crypto exchange. It is a simple, efficient and a user-friendly exchange. It was even listed in the Top 10 list of the busiest staying exchanges in the world, pulling the most crypto trading volume.

What are Crypto Trading Bots?

The crypto trading bots are actually algorithms that provide assistance to users in automating the process of trading! You can build your entire trading strategy in order to construct your trading bot. There are several platforms available that provide this function and also charge a fee for it. Market specialists and professional programmers come together to develop trading bots by programming an investment strategy. So, if the trading bot comes upon a potential market opportunity, it will easily open and liquidate positions for you.

How Does The KuCoin Trading Works? 

The trading bit by KuCoin gives us six various strategies: the Classic Grid, DCA, Futures Grid, Margin Grid, Infinite Grid, and the Dynamic Rebalancing. Further, you can even have upto 10 bots running at the same time. The KuCoin Trading bot aslod supports over 100 coins or tokens, giving you a multitude of bonuses and many free essential services.

What is the Kucoin Swing trading bot?

The KuCoin has a Swing Trading bot that has short or mid-term returns. You can use the KuCoin Margin Grid or even the Futures Grid trading bots for doing any swing trading.

Kucoin Trading Bot Pricing 

SingUp for KuCoin

One of the beste features of using the KuCoin bot is that sinc eit is a brand new bot, they are completely free of charge! You do not have to pay for anything except the regular trading fees that is taken on the KuCoin platform.

Best trading Bot for Kucoin

No one can do constant surveillance of their crypto assets! And crypto assets are such a volatile asset that it is considered irresponsible to not keep an eye on your investments 24/7. This is why the cryptocurrency trading bots came into being.  These trading bots automatically take returns if the market is following your plan. And even if it swings afar from your strategy, the bots minimize your loss completely.

Here are the five best trading bots for KuCoin.

  • Bitsgap Kucoin Bot

Bitsgap is a very popular trading bot that supports 25+ trading platforms! The trading platforms supported are Coinbase, Poloniex, Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex, and more. It will support almost any platform that is convenient to you. You can try the trading bots in the Bitsgap demo trade more, prior to investing any real money in the market.

The Bitsgap bot has a Future’s trading bot that has the most minimum risk level. In June 2021, this trading bot became available for Binance.

 Features of Bitsgap:

  • There are a number of attractive features that Bitsgap has:
  • Like the Demo mode, trading terminal, Grid Trading bot, etc.
  • Recently the Bitsgap Futures trading bot was also established and it is a safe way to take small returns from the futures market. Since on June 2021 the Bitsgap future trading bot became restricted to Binance only, do not be hopeless because Bitsgap will work to make this bot available to other cryptocurrency exchanges also.
  • Bitsgap even has crypto trading signals for users and allows them to search for any particular cryptocurrency and categorize them according to the trade exchange or assets.
  • Bitsgap has three premium-features plans for crypto investor.
  1. CryptoHopper Kucoin Bot

 What is CryptoHopper? CryptoHopper is a platform that has trading bots, exchange arbitrage, copy trading, backtesting, strategy creating and many other services. The platform has trading bots for crypto signals Telegram channels. Another well known feature of the CryptoHopper is the MarketPlace.

CryptoHopper Features

The CryptoHopper platform comes with many features for trading like the Market-Making bit, the Arbritage toll, strategy designer, etc. The CryptoHopper gives us a third-party Marketplace that gives us services like the CryptoHopper signals, its apps, trading strategies, and many many templates. The CryptoHopper platform also gives investors a Telegram CryptoHopper signals bot. This bot helps to automate the trades coming from the crypto signals. The CryptoHopper platform provides users an opportunity to do a paper trading mode to test out their trading strategies and bots wihtout putting in any money. CryptoHopper also provides a paper trading mode to test your trading strategies and bots without putting your funds at risk. The CryptoHopper MarketPlace is a great place for beginners.

  1. Mudrex Kucoin bot

What is Mudrex?

Mudrex is another trading bot provider with almost 10,000 investors currently. Mudrex supports almost all of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Coinbase pro, Okex, Bybit, etc. Users are encouraged to build, test, and deploy trading strategies on the Mudrex platform. You can even get paid by going there and publishing bundles on the Mudrex platform!

Mudrex Features

Mudrex trading bot providr employ a Performance score that ranges from 0-10. When you are applying a strategy, the higher your Performance score goes, the more the reward.  There is another feature called the Mudrex protect, where the platform gives you a refund of your subscription fee, in the case of the bot not making any profits for you. You will not need to code your trading strategy when you can simply drag and drop

  1. 3Commas Kucoin Bot

What is 3commas?

The 3commas is a platform that directly automates the trading methods of investors. They use their advanced trading bots to do so. The 3commas has originated from Miami. 3commas lets investors use pre-programmed methods of trading or they can even create one from the beginning! You can easily link the crypto exchange to 3commas using API keys. And you can do this without giving the bots any power of withdrawal.

3commas Features

The 3commas platform has multiple trading bots like the Grid trading bot, DCA bots, Option bots and etc. One unique feature of the 2commas platform is the Options trading where the trading bot offers a very high return


  1. HaasOnline Kucoin Bot


What is HaasOnline?

HaasOnline was the top of the race company that provided cryptocurrency trading bots.

The HaasOnline gives us the opportunity to simply construct a trading bot that completely depends on your investment strategy. You can test your trading bots and invest money to test your bot’s performance.

Bot Features of HaasOnline trading:

HaasOnline allows you to test the trading strategy that you apply. You can prevent nay unnecessary loss this way. You can use the HaasOnline on your desktop and create the trading bot. HaasOnline has also announced that they will establish a Cloud Management service that lets you skip the worry of software updates. The HaasOnline has three subscription plans: Beginner, Simple, and Advanced. You can make one of these three choices or you could opt for a 3-month, biannual or yearly plan. You will be asked to pay the membership fee in BTC and receive a discount on the annual subscription. The HaasOnline platform has originated and is situated in Rotterdam. Thi was one of the earliest trading bot providers that came into existence. The HaasOnline platform is also a combined product of Josh Becker, Quintus de Haas, and Rustim Rhoda. These people are well-experienced in their field of work and for sure know what they are doing. They have combined their efforts to bring us one of the safest trading bot software ever. Also, the introduction of the HaasOnline Cloud management has made this platform more efficient and safe for investors.

Pros of using HaasOnline:

  • You can start with applying multiple strategies.
  • This software is high performance and efficiency.
  • Maintaining the privacy of investors is their priority
  • The constant downloading of updated software is not required, ever since HaasOnline has been launched.


Kucoin Trading Bot: Conclusion

The KuCoin trading bots is honestly one of the most convenient and impressive exchanges out there. The KuCoin trading bot platform has the kind of edge that none of the other platforms have. This is because of how it gives KuCoin trading bots to crypto investors.Although, if it is your wish to opt for another alternate trading bot, then you should try connecting the bots to the KuCoin by using API Keys. Those other trading bots could be Bitsgap, which comes with various attractive features like the demo trade, Grid trading bot, the Futures trading bot. The CryptoHopper trading bot gives us the kind of Marketplace that is so unique. That market place has multiple third-party services like crypto signals. 3commas, the Options trading bot is also well-known to crypto investors. Mudrec gives us a refund of their subscription fee if the bot does not make the profit we were expecting. Then last of all, HaasOnline is one of the best trading bot softwares for coders who want to make their trading bots from scratch. If you are seeking our advice? Then use the KuCoin trading bot or the Bitsgap trading bot if you are looking for ease and convenience. And if you are looking for multiple fetures, then go to 3Commas or Crypto Hopper.

How to use KuCoin?

Before we give you details on how to purchase KuCoin, you should know how yo get started on KuCoin. It is a straigtforward and simple process because the verification step is optional if your intention is to make small trades. Although, it will be more beneficial to get your ID verified. All you need to do is an email address and a document that proves your identity.

Step 1: Starting the website

Open the KuCoin web page and bookmark it for later. There are many phishing sites that can open at the same time, so bookmark it to stay on th safe side. Check the wesites URL for its authentication and security.

Step 2: Sign-Up

Write down your email address and decide on a password. Make sure your password is strong and secure. The KuCoin login has been initiated, now youcan go to your email and check for the confirmation link they send you.

Step 3: Authentication & Verification

The thirs step is to set up a 2 factor authentication system to add that extra layer of security to your account. To ensure this, go to Settings, look for ‘Google 2-step’. If you are a new user, install the Google Authenticator app first. This way you can complete the formal check-ins of security that are very importantto create your account. You will get a verified account by uploading the document that proves your identity. This will also help you approve your K-Y-C (Know Your Customer) process soon.

Step 4: Deposits

To look at the trading pairs that already exist, go to the market overview scree that compromises new, rare, and other popular coins. KuCoin has a very tidy layout. You will find the tabs easily. To select and decide on a coin, press the ‘Deposits’ button that is present under the ‘Assets’ section in the top main menu. Here is a list of coins that you can deposit. The Spot Trading option even let’s you look at the coin charts and even your order book.

If you have already decide don a coin, go to the ‘Deposits’ option and select the coin from the list or you can search for it. Select an account, put in your address and add in the amount. Paste it in the withdrawal platform.

Kucoin Fees

The KuCoin platform has is such an attrcative place for crypto investors because it offers the lowest fees compared to any other altcoin exchange. KuCoin trading fee is very straightforward for any new beginners as well.

KuCoin Spot Trading Fees

In the KuCoin spot trading, all the available deals have a fixed fee of 0.1%. This fee is below the average of the global industry. Any user’s 30-day trading volume and KuCoin shares holdings determine the amount that is decreased in the spot trading fees. You can even get many other trading fee discounts based on the factors we mentioned above.

Any user who is also a participant of the institutional investor program also gets a trading fee discount.

KuCoin Futures Trading Fees

The KuCoin Trading fee has an adjustable USD/USDT lending rate. This is because the relative funding rate can either be positive or negative. The Future’s funding occurs after every 8 hours. The KuCoin withdrawal fees is easily the lowest fees in the entire crypto industry. It will cost you 0.0004 BTC each time use makes a BTC withdrawal. This is a price that is definielty much cheaper than any other crypto exchanges.

This is the reason KuCoin has millions of user and experienced crypto investors refer to KuCoin as well. The withdrawal fee also depends solely on the different types of cryptocurrencies that can be found on the platform.

KuCoin Deposit Fees

The KuCoin has no deposit fee. Yes! The deposit fee is zero! They prefer not charging their users a penny for depositing their transactions.

KuCoin Review: Buying Limits

The KuCoin exchange allows users to withdraw up to 2BTC in a 24 hour time span. This can be done without any verification with a 1400 USD limit for purchasing. When you verify your account, it already raises your withdrawal limit to 100 BTC in 24 hours. the KuCoin has a 1400 USDT fiat-to-crypto limit for trading. In addition to this, a verified institutional report gives your withdrawal limit up to 500 BTC per 24 hours, and your trading limit becomes 70,000 USDT.

KuCoin Review: Liquidity

Liquidity is the extent to which an asset, or security, can be converted into casg. This also implies wihtout any price in the market affecting this.


What is Cryptocurrency liquidity?

Liquidity is the number of coins or tokens that get traded on the cryptocurrency exhange. The KuCoin exchange provides us excellent offers and these offers extend to both token issuers and liquidity miners. If you are a token issuer, and your tokens are listed on KuCoin, then KuCoin offers an approach that is priced moderately and is data-driven. This further improves your token’s liquidity. You can even promote the liquidity while using the order book depth and enable the price discovery by token trading efficiency. This process of price discovery is more efficient when there are more traders market-making actively. The exchange integration even offers a lot of venues for mining for liquidity miners. When the total rewards pools increase, the reward also increases.

KuCoin Review: Supported Cryptocurrencies

On the CoinMarketCap List, the KuCoin has over 400 markets for ~200 cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies include BTC, ETH, MXR, DAG, BCH EOS, LTC. You can also get tokens like DADI, KCS, OMG, etc. In February 23, 2021, it has been announced that you can purchas crypto with 2 added fiat currency using KuCoin through Simplex, Banxa, and OTC platforms. The supported fiat currencies include EUR, GBP, RUB, CNY, AUD, KRW, JPY, TRY, VND, IDR, CAD, ZAR, NZD, HUF, ILS, PLN, SEK, CHF, CZK, DKK, NOK.

How to trade on KuCoin?

If you are wondering how to start your trading journey on KuCoin, follow these steps:

The first step is to fund your account.

Now, click on the ‘Market’ option present on the top of the screen. Search for the coin of your choice in the search bar on the top right of the page. KuCoin will show you the list of trading pairs that are available for the currency you want to purchase. They have more than 300 trading pairs currently available.

Press the trading pair that will match the coin deposited. You will be lead to the main trading screen an on the right side present below the order list. There find the buy box.

Enter the number of coins that you want to purchase and press on the best price button. Press the green buy box to finish trading, and you’re done!

KuCoin History And Background

Ever since the year 2011, the founding team of KuCoin has started an experiment that invloves blockchain technology. They had started many technical developments in the year 2013.  This all collectively lead to the formation of the seamless KuCoin in mid-2017. 

KuCoin Shares

A lot of funds were raised for KuCoin by an ICO that lasted from August 13, 2017 to September 1, 2017.

KuCoin has since then issued its own native KuCoin Shares (KCS) tokens. You can gain a lot of special offers, trading discounyts, and exchange profits using these tokens. Currently, the company’s headquarters are in Seychelles and reportedly employ over 300 employees worldwide.

KuCoin P2P

The KuCoin exchange even launched an instant exchange service in February 2020. They even made an increase in the number of supported fiat currencies for crypto purchases through the ‘Buy Crypto’ that has the bank card option. KuCoin has also announced its p2p crypto market place that supporrts buying and selling using PayPal, makin it convenient for you. The KuCoin are always adding nw features and improving their service! All of these help a lot in cryptocurrency trading. So be sure to go try out the KuCoin exchange and their trading bot.

Good Luck!

SingUp for KuCoin

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